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Hotels in Manaus and other areas of the Amazon Jungle, in Brazil

Hotels in Manaus must cater for a wide range of visitors.

Jungle Lounges

jungle hotel Manaus

Being the main entrance to the Brazilian Amazon, Manaus has experiencing a fast growth in ecotourism, and eco-travelers want to stay as close and as mixed in as possible to the Nature.

The best accommodation option for such travelers are the so called Jungle Lounges: with the comfort and services of four or five hotels, these lounges were built out of the city, right into the middle of the jungle.

Besides the usual services (river trips, guided trekkings, bird watching, etc), these hotels offer the opportunity of total connection with Nature (your room could be at the top of a tree; all hotels are decorated with local work pieces, and many offer shows and other entertainment which put guests in contact with local culture.

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Tourist and Business Hotels

Not all tourists want or can afford to stay in the Jungle Lounges, and look for more conventional options.
Besides, Manaus is seat of the largest Free Trade area in Brazil, which has always attracted many business visitors; and as the city will be one of the hosts of the World Cup 2014, the number of people coming for business has increased even more.

Manaus offers a good variety of business and tourist hotels; notice, however, that, despite recent investments in new hotels, it could be difficult to find a good business hotel at periods of peak demand (New Year, Parintins, etc).

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Cheap hotels

Manaus is visited by many backpackers and other eco-travelers with a low budget.
Also, many people from the smaller cities in Amazonas come to the capital for trading, buying small amounts of goods for reselling.

The cheaper accommodation options are located in the central zone.

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